7 Steps to Effective Affiliate Marketing (Not Everyone Knows)

Are you new to Affiliate Marketing and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry because Tachi Team will immediately reveal to you how to do Effective Affiliate Marketing with just 7 simple steps.

Let’s find out together!

1. Learn about Affiliate Marketing and build the right direction

Before you start making money with affiliate, you need to understand this form. What is affiliate marketing, how does it work, what factors participate in this ecosystem…

All this information is something that you need to find out.

Take the time to explore and learn about affiliate marketing. When you have a clear knowledge and understanding of this job, you can start smoothly and effectively.

After the information research step, you will have to build yourself a mindset and the right direction to make money when you step into the path of affiliate marketing.

To start with affiliate marketing is not difficult, but to create a stable and long-term income, it is very necessary to have the right direction.

learn Effective affiliate marketing

So which is the right direction?

You have to seriously invest time and effort in the job. Rushing to make quick money with affiliate seems to be impossible.

You have a long way to go from building a channel, producing content, and keeping it running. All of these activities take time to build. Once you’ve been persistent with it, the results won’t let you down.

2. Determine the field you want to participate in as an Affiliate Marketing

After the research step will come the step of determining the field of activity. When starting out, you should not choose many fields because that will not bring high efficiency. To do effective affiliate marketing, quality is always more important than quantity.

Do your research and choose an area that you are interested in or have a lot of knowledge about. For example, if you are a beauty lover and have experience using many different cosmetics, take advantage of that. You can set up a product review channel, or a channel to share your knowledge and experience in skin care and makeup.

Each field has different potential directions, understanding your strengths and interests will help you do affiliate marketing much more effectively.

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3. Choose a channel to do Effective Affiliate Marketing

This is an important step because the affiliate channel will accompany you in the affiliate marketing process. There are many channels to do different affiliate marketing such as website, social network, email, etc.

To choose an Effective Affiliate Marketing channel, you need to consider your strengths. If you own social sites with a high number of followers and interactions, then choose it to be an affiliate. If you like to write, you can create your own website for free with WordPress or Wix.

If you have a talent for video editing and confidently speak in front of the camera, you can set up your own Youtube channel. In addition to the above methods, you can also learn how to run ads to be an affiliate.

To reach more customers as well as increase the ability to generate orders, running ads is an effective and fast method used by affiliaters.

There are many ways for you to get started, choosing a suitable channel will make your affiliate marketing activities more effective and favorable.


4. Cooperate with a reputable affiliate network

For those of you just starting out with affiliate marketing, partnering with a quality affiliate network will save a lot of time. – This is an intermediary unit that helps connect the needs of Publisher and Advertiser. Affiliate networks will provide the technical background and tools to support the affiliate process.

To do effective affiliate marketing, the affiliate network plays a very important role. They will search for products and services, negotiate with advertisers to get the best commission for publishers, implement conversion/recurring order matching as well as pay commissions and support you throughout the process. campaign implementation. Here are some criteria for you to choose a suitable affiliate network:

  • High commission payout
  • Diversify many fields and products
  • Cooperating with big and reputable Advertisers
  • There is a dedicated support team and answer questions for Publisher…

There are many active networks on the market today. Some of the most prestigious networks today can be mentioned as

best affiliate programs and networks of 2022

You can find out the information and choose the best place for you to start.

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5. Content production

The next step is to produce promotional content. This is the key step that plays a big part in your success with affiliate marketing. To be able to “close the application” successfully, your content needs to be good and useful.

To produce quality content, you first need to research your audience. Learning about your audience’s interests, habits, and issues is key to creating great content.

Several factors related to content help you reach more customers:

  • Content should be relevant and offer solutions to customer problems
  • Short, concise and easy to read
  • Fascinating title
  • Use vivid visuals and videos
  • And the link to buy or learn about the service

6. Content promotion

Once you have good content, you need to promote it to as many customers as possible. To do this, it is impossible without the help of digital marketing tools.

One of the most common techniques that content creators must know is SEO content. Take the time to learn about SEO, it will help your content reach more people.

Also, to make affiliate marketing more effective, you need to run ads. Advertising is the fastest method to help you quickly reach customers and generate revenue. The most popular advertising tool today is Google Ads. Google Ads will be an important tool for those who do affiliates on the website. You can learn about Google Ads here.

For those of you doing affiliate marketing on Facebook or Instagram, these platforms also have integrated advertising features such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Tik Tok Ads. You can learn and apply these tools to promote your social media posts.

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7. Measure and optimize to make affiliate marketing more effective

After everything is in order and commissions are generated, people often skip this step. This is a very necessary step to help measure and evaluate the effectiveness of affiliate activities.

To do Effective Affiliate Marketing, you need to closely monitor important metrics such as traffic, clicks, order conversion rate, etc. All these parameters reflect the effectiveness of the campaign implementation. Translate.

Social sites will often provide basic statistics about customer interactions for you to track. In addition, on the system of affiliate networks, there will also be statistics on important indicators that you need to update regularly.

If you are using a website to do affiliate marketing, you can use tools to analyze and measure website performance such as Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Alexa, etc. These tools allow you to track user activity, system counter statistics and many more features. Thanks to these tools, you can evaluate and plan to optimize advertising and sales activities on your website.

Conclusion for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Here are 7 steps for you to start doing Effective Affiliate Marketing. Hopefully the sharing of Tachi Team will help you gain more knowledge about affiliate marketing.

If you found this article helpful, then stay tuned for more content from our blog.


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