SToken Scam or Legit? The project “Comprehensive ecosystem” with 5 Australian companies. Opportunity to increase assets! This is the world’s first review!

stoken Scam or Legit

SToken Scam or Legit? Let’s review what is SToken, to answer frequently asked questions: What is an ecosystem? What is cross-platform? How big is SToken scale? Does SToken have a scam? Is SToken prestigious? How does SToken invest? …

SToken is a representative of ecosystem including: Forex trade AI, Financial trust, Trade coin, App wallet wallet and E-commerce payment, very comprehensive.

Tachi Team is the first team in Vietnam, and even the first in the SToken review world in the earliest, most comprehensive, and with the most detailed instructions + videos.

Let’s start and invest together!

Start date: July 20, 2019

Review date: July 21, 2019

Status: PAYING

Introducing the ecosystem around SToken

Australia’s first & only project with 5-partner Ecosystem creates long-term profit for investors.

5 main components of the ecosystem

  1. AI transaction of BitMEX, ST9 platform:
  2. Fair trading platform (bet):
  3. Financial trust (if you don’t want to trade): (This will be the main content)
  4. Smart digital bank – App wallet: SToken Wallet (August 2019)
  5. E-commerce payment: SMarket (Coming soon)
Ecosystem around SToken
Ecosystem around SToken

Overview of 5 ecosystems

1. The company owns trade floor is for you to trade money, but the company is in the middle of collecting fees.

2. The company owns a fair trading platform Sboom. It is a large trading platform with the most modern blochain chain technology in the world, which will be launched on July 20 globally. Will create an incredibly terrible effect on the world community.

If you do not want to trade, entrust to Similar Fund (Below is a detailed review)

3. Trust company Similar if you are not confident to participate in trade, please entrust the trade team of the company. Let experts trade and share profits for you

4. The company created an electronic wallet bank Swallet. You can deposit money into your wallet like Blochain, but you can generate interest rates that users can withdraw money at any time. Expected for users to experience for the first time in August 2019.

5. The company that owns Smarket E-commerce trading floor is that users can buy and sell goods globally with digital currencies, in which the Stoken is No. 1 so you can pay when you buy.

Video of SToken project opening in Australia, July 20, 2019

Video of SToken launch in Australia – July 20, 2019
Is this SToken scam?

6. The company creates the Stoken copper as the central currency, which can operate the best to create great value for giant ecosystems that will make the Stoken copper grow strongly and sustainably.

Thanks to its fast transaction speed and low transaction fees, SToken is used as an ideal tool for operating the ecosystem.

Let’s go into the details section:

What is SToken? Scam?

SToken is a central currency, able to operate the best, creating great value for the giant ecosystem that will make the Stoken copper grow as strong and sustainable as the roadmap!

Technically, SToken (ST) is a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum network, which is modularized, to create and manage dApps, cryptographic protocols and non-autonomous organizations. focus (DAO)

Official information page:

See the image below for a better understanding of SToken

SToken information scam or legit
SToken information details
  • Current: 1 SToken = $ 0.1, plan 2020 will be up to $ 10 (multiply 100 times)
SToken's price
SToken’s price increase Roadmap

Invest and make money from Similar Fund (Main Content)

What is Similar Global?

Similar Global is a professional capital management tool operated by a group of experts on Forex trading, electronic money, securities, and global transactions.

Similar is a useful tool for those who do NOT really believe in their ability to participate in the Trade market all AI fight with each other 🙂

3 investment packages entrusted to Similar

SToken's plans

1. Start VIP package:

  • From $ 100 to $ 2,999
  • Direct commission: 8%
  • Binary Income: 7%
  • Interest: 1% -2% per day for 10 months
  • Investment rate: 70/30 (Investor / Company)

2. Pro VIP package:

  • From $ 3000 to $ 9,999
  • Direct commission: 8%
  • Binary Income: 7%
  • Interest: 1% -2% per day for 10 months
  • Investment rate: 80/20 (Investor / Company)

3. Pro Plus VIP package:

  • From $ 10,000 to $ 50,000
  • Direct commission: 8%
  • Binary Income: 7%
  • Interest: 1% -2% per day for 10 months
  • Investment rate: 90/10 (Investor / Company)

So if the lowest rate is 1%, then calculate our profit: 21%; 24%; 27% per month. Note:

  • Investment accept BTC / ETH
  • Profit paid by $, withdraw BTC / ETH

Highlights (+) of investment package

For the purpose of ensuring the highest safety for investors, Similar Fund has the following outstanding features:

  • Withdrawal of principal before the deadline, fee of withdrawal from 25%
  • When income reaches 5 times the investment package => Reinvestment is equal to or greater than the original package
  • Automatic Withdrawal

Instructions to register Similar

Remember to register now! There is a program that rewards 50% of your total investment in your TRON wallet!

➤ Link registration:

Signing up for an account is not difficult, just note:

  • Password should be in 4k format: contain lowercase letters, CAPS, numbers, and special characters
  • Do not use the same account information in different projects
  • At Similar Global, there are 2 ranges of passwords: (1) pass account and (2) transaction pass

Enter the wallet address in Similar

After registering an account, you need to install for BTC and your ETH wallet, steps are as follows:

  • (1) User
  • (2) Profile
  • (3) Your wallets
  • (4) Fill your wallet
  • (5) Save, see picture below:
Steps for installing your BTC and ETH wallet

BTC / ETH investment guide to Similar

Step 1: Deposit money

To invest BTC / ETH on Similar, you need to REFUND (BCT / ETH) to follow the steps:

  • (1) Wallet
  • (2) Deposit
  • (3) Select an investment package
  • (4) Enter the investment amount
  • (5) Click Accept

After step 5, the system will display the Similar wallet’s address, you need to send the BTC / ETH number to the right address.

5 steps to deposit BTC / ETH to Similar

Step 2: Invest

After deposit (Approximately 1.5 hours), continue as INVEST – INVEST NOW

After depositing, click on “Invest Now” to activate your investment

Step 3: Receive a bonus for early investment

As you can see in the picture below, Tachi Team invested $ 284 early and received $ 284 Bonus on Insurance Fund and $ 142 on TRON wallet, great! 🙂

Early investment bonus

Earn great profits from Similar

In addition to making a profit, send Coin to receive interest, compound interest … You also have the opportunity to become leader and receive many attractive prizes from the Company, as shown below:

Guide to withdraw interest and transfer to outside wallet

Note on interest withdrawal

  • Interest is paid to DOLLARS, converted to BTC / ETH before you withdraw to your wallet!
  • Paying profits and commissions automatically
  • Profit paid 7 days / week
  • Profit includes both original and non-refundable return of the cycle (10 months)
  • Minimum withdrawal: $ 10
  • Reserve: 10 USD
  • Withdrawal fee: 2%
6 steps to withdraw interest on your wallet

SToken official communication

Summarize the SToken scam or legit

What I evaluated through the article “SToken Scam or Legit? The project “Comprehensive ecosystem” with 5 Australian companies. Opportunity to increase assets! This is the world’s first review!” Is the SToken project is a comprehensive, cross-platform project, Ecology, converging enough hot trends of other projects combined now, is worth investing.

With such a strong foundation, we hope to bring long-term profit to investors. In addition, it helps the SToken community of the project grow stronger

In short: If the project determines short-term or scam soon, they have not built a lot of monumental component foundation elements like this! Trust in a long-distance project, and we are the first ones!

Risk warning Stoken Scam!

To judge right now a SToken scam or legal project is really a blame. It worked hard and is still performing best. This project is immediately in the Paying list, because this is my personal choice.

All of the above information of Tachi Team is for reference only, not intended to call or attract any investor.

The purpose here is to share good investment opportunities for you. However, the financial market is attractive but also risky, learn, consider carefully before joining and owning your own pocket.

If there is no place to understand, please leave a comment right below so I can support you best and fastest.

And don’t forget to give a 5-star logo to encourage Tachi Team. Thank you!

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