Top BTC Exchange Online for Secure and Non-Expensive Exchange:

Switchere review

Buying Bitcoin is a topic that has been intriguing investors from all over the world for a long time already. The mysterious cryptocurrency has become a subject of discussion and a popular target for investments.

But did you know that the success of your trading depends largely on the instruments you choose? If not, take the time to read this article and make sure you are not in a hurry. As a little disclaimer, we want to say that you should be careful choosing exchange tools to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card as many of them don’t offer reliable security and can turn out frauds.

What to Avoid In a Crypto Exchange and Why Switchere Is a Perfect Exchange Platform Option?

To be short and precise, here are the things you must always check before starting to work with a new exchange or even considering it as an option.

  • 1) The time needed for making an account.

In the age of technologies, it is natural to have quick onboarding, but you should feel suspicious if it is too easy to open an account there. Opt for the places with identity verification and serious safety measures.

  • 2) Transparent fee policy.

Check if the fees will change together with your exchanging activity; because if they do, the idea to trade here will not lead to any benefits.

  • 3) Reviews.

A real service that values clients and complies with the law should have real reviews, which usually show both pluses and minuses; real reviews don’t tell about how ideal everything is.

Top BTC Exchange Online for Secure and Non-Expensive Exchange

Now, let us see what makes Switchere a special place worthy of trust.

Here is our way of listing its pluses. 

1. Top security.

Every process on the service is made with security in mind. Bank transactions are protected with 3d secure technology and have the PCI DSS certification. This excludes the possibility of fraud or scam schemes.

In addition, all AML procedures are controlled by Crystal Blockchain Analytics. This company is a Switchere’s partner and is widely known for its reliable security technologies.

Besides, every user can perform BTC exchanges anonymously without revealing any personal data.

2. Being very convenient.

This tool is available as a smartphone app and a desktop version, and it is brilliant in both forms. The navigation is simple; you can easily find the necessary exchange pair and buy or sell your assets in a few minutes.

3. Using a credit card to buy Bitcoin.

The app is perfect for buying Bitcoin with a credit card as it accepts cards from local banks and doesn’t need you to have any special cards. The only thing you should think about beforehand is a Bitcoin wallet where the funds will arrive.

Credit and debit cards by Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro are popular user choices for this exchange.

4. No additional fees.

It is natural for every service that allows you to buy BTC with a credit card to have transaction fees. But here you will know the exact amount of fee at the start – the sum you are shown before the exchange takes place will be the sum you pay; nothing is added after that.

5. Multiple currencies to swap.

Along with the chance to buy Bitcoins with a debit card, you can consider other popular digital coins to purchase at Switchere. They include Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies.

To add, you can perform exchanges in a few directions – from crypto to fiat, from fiat to crypto, and from crypto to another crypto coin. Besides USD and EUR, you can turn crypto into other fiat currencies such as VND, IDR, and MYR. All of that with low exchange fees and getting the requests to swap the currency processed instantly.

6. Affiliate program.

In case you want something much more than to buy BTC with a debit card, there is a chance to get passive income. Advertise the service in your blog or website to get up to 30 percent of the service fee back as well as any time reward withdrawals and good lifetime commission discounts.

All of these features make it worthy to buy Bitcoins with a credit card no verification at – a loyal, safe, and convenient place to exchange the most popular crypto coins online.


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