TradexPayer Review – Big MLM company with attractive profit

TradexPayer review

TradexPayer Review: Learn more about tradexpayer. Use our tools to receive a detailed overview of and its offerings. Invest wisely.

Description about TradexPayer project: “We offer a range of investment services, designed to deliver to the specific investment needs of individuals, families, trusts, charities, and companies”.

TradexPayer Review – Overview

  • Start: Oct 12, 2022
  • Plans: 1.2% – 5% daily for 150 – 80 days (principal return)
  • Min deposit: $50
  • Min withdraw: $10
  • Type of payments: Manual (24 – 72 hours)
  • Direct referral: 10% – 15%
  • Binary bonus: 10% – 15%
  • Withdraw fee: 10% – 5%
  • Payment systems: Cryptocurrencies
  • Security: SSL, DDOS, Unique Srcipt

Investment Offers

  • Plan Basic: 1.2% daily for 150 days, principal return ($50 – $5000)
  • Standard: 2% daily for 125 days, principal return ($5001 – $25000)
  • Advance: 3% daily for 100 days, principal return ($25001 – $50000)
  • Enterprise: 5% daily for 80 days, principal return (min $50001)
TradexPayer review offers

Affiliate Program of TradexPayer

1. Direct Referral

“Referral Income of 10% is paid instantly to the referrer when the referee registers under the referrer using the unique registration link and does an investment.

Referral money is earned when a member invites another member to register and invest under his or her own sponsor ID.

You do not need to have an active deposit in your account to earn referral revenue.

Referral commissions are automatically pooled. The referral revenue will be credited straight to the i-Wallet. The referral income is paid instantly”.

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2. TradexPayer Binary Bonus

“Binary matching income is 10% – 15 % of the matching left and right side business volume. Matching business volume on left and right down-lines determines the binary matching incentive.

Both parties flush out their matching business volume, and 10% -15% of it is given out as a binary bonus.

You must have current deposits to be eligible for a binary matching bonus. The binary matching bonus is calculated every 24 hours. Power leg is carried forward.

Down lines do not have to be your direct referrals, anybody may recommend them and the business volume of their investment will be calculated for you”.

3. TradexPayer Review Rewards

TradexPayer Rewards 1
TradexPayer Rewards 2

TradexPayer Review Risk reminder

Any investment carries risks, investors should always take this into account and for this company, it is no exception. Normally, the risks are always proportional to the return – the larger the percentage of profit, the greater the chance of losing money.

Good luck!


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